Introduction to the session

Do you want to feel confident to work on your team's attitude, mood and outlook?

If your team morale isn't where you want it to be, you know it, you feel it and so does everyone else!

​You see the indications of poor team morale:

  • Their attitude sucks and perhaps yours as well!
  • Whatever!
  • If no one else cares, why should I?
  • The overall mood is affecting people’s mental and physical health
  • People are calling in sick when you know they just don’t want to be there
  • Your turnover rates aren’t looking good
  • The good ones are quitting, moving on or getting out fast​

And you are suffering!

It's affecting you big time too! You dread going to work. When you are at the office, you try to avoid people as much as you can, keeping yourself busy in meetings, behind closed doors or travelling. But out of sight isn't out of mind. It hasn't gone away, and you know it!

Even though you've been trying to pretend it's not a problem, you still know it's there!

  • ​You see the cliques during meetings, but don’t address them.
  • You notice the tension between team members, but you hope it will go away.
  • You watch with frustration as the office gossip continues and it feels like you are back in junior high, but you worry that if you attempt to deal with it, that it will blow up in your face.

But you know, don’t you, that if you don’t deal with it, it’s only going to get worse.

Do you lack the confidence to address your team's morale?

  • To make matters worse, I suspect you don’t trust you can handle it.
  • You worry you don’t have the competence, emotional control or respect of your team to deal with them.

Maybe you don’t have a supportive boss, board chair or co-worker.

Sadly, I know that feeling all too well also!

I get where you are coming from because I had a mess of a team too. I didn’t know how to handle it. The problem was, the more I avoided it, waited for someone else to fix it or blame it on the immaturity of my staff, the worse it got.

  • One time the toxicity was so bad I went on stress leave.
  • Another time it was a team member that went on leave, then quit because I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to face the ugly mess our team had become.

​Both times, it took me stepping up confidently, taking the reins and taking the lead in boosting our team morale.

A way out!

Here’s the thing, nothing will change in your team until you start to make changes.

​Waiting, wishing or hoping won’t change it.

​Nor will blaming, finger pointing and criticizing others.

Team morale changes when you take the lead on changing it!

Are you ready to develop the confidence to boost your team's morale?

Developing the confidence to boost your team morale takes a bit of time, I won’t lie. But you need to take the first step. That starts with creating a plan for morale boosting.

In this webinar, you will learn 3 critical components of that plan and then create yours.

Are you ready to be more confident knowing you can take the lead in boosting your team’s morale?

​Let’s make this happen!​ 🤗​

In this training you will:

     Learn the 3 parts to a successful Team Morale Boosting Plan​ 

​  √   Create your Team Morale Boosting Plan

​  √   Get clarity on the mindset you need to have to implement your plan successfully.


1) If you ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the session


2) FOLLOW THROUGH with your plan after the course,

...​you will find you will be positively influencing the morale of your team.

Stop avoiding, blaming, wishing things will change only to find it’s getting worse.

Grow your confidence now, by learning to create your plan to boost your team morale.


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