Introduction to session

Do you want to feel composed during that next meeting, conversation or event?

Are you worried that WON'T​ stay composed?  Does the thought of that upcoming meeting make you feel:

  • Uneasy
  • Worried
  • Nervous​

Are you avoiding a conversation because the thought of having it makes you

  • Apprehensive
  • Anxious
  • Afraid

It's time to trust that you can stay composed in your next tough conversation!

What is the story in your head?

​You've probably run the scenario through your head a zillion times, and the outcomes don't look pretty!

  • You are worried you’ll get flustered, snap, or lose it when someone pushes back, questions you or your message.
  • You are afraid people will be able to hear your voice get shaky, see you shake and be able to tell you’ve coming unravelled.

And if that happens, you will be seen as lacking the confidence, and credibility to handle the position. 

Are your emotions running the show?

For many of us, it seems as though our darn emotions seem to have a mind of their own!!

You are afraid you will walk into a tense conversation, and you will become one of those characters from Pixar’s Inside Out movie about emotions, and you won't be the cute little Joy! 

Instead, you'll be playing either the character Fear or Anger! 

​To make matters worse, you know you shouldn't be so darn emotional! 

​Because, Lord knows, if you are too sensitive, you'll be labelled soft, sensitive or some nasty name that starts with the letter “B.”

I know ......

Oh, let me tell you, my dear, I have struggled with my composure many times!

  • Like the time I yelled, yes yelled, at my admin support. It wasn’t pretty. :-( 

--> Now, I am better at tuning in and managing my emotions, so I’m in better control. I’m far from perfect, but that’s what makes us human!

Does this story sound familiar to you?

Recently, one of my clients had to let an employee go. It wasn’t a simple termination either. There were others involved. It was political. You know the kinds of messes these things can get into. 

When my client got on the call with me, she was so worked up, she was coming apart at the seams

  • Stress was wreaking havoc on her digestive system,
  • She couldn’t focus on the rest of her work.
  • She was snapping at her kids.

Create a new story!

We paused and made a plan to deal with these 3 things:

  1. The content of the meeting and how she could handle it in a way that felt authentic, respectful and addressed the issues at hand.
  2. How she could handle her emotions before, during and after the meeting
  3. How she could apply this process in the future for conversations, meetings or tough times.

We even talked about how she could use the same process with an upcoming family visit she was antsy about!

Can you guess what happened?

She reported back not only did she have more composure, but more confidence!

You can do this too!

It's time for you to learn to stay composed during meetings, conversations and challenging times.

1) Click to the next lesson and tune in!

2) Take an active part in the session.

  • √ Create a plan for handling your emotions before, during and after the next tough meeting or conversation you have coming up

3) Put your plan into action.

  •  Feel confident you will stay in control of your emotion and composed!

It's time to know you can stay composed in your next tough conversation!

​Are you ready to learn how to stay composed during that next meeting, conversation or challenging time?

In this 90-minute training session you will:

  • Understand why you struggle with your composure.
  • Learn what you need to do to stay composed during challenging times.
  • Feel more confident heading into your next challenging conversation or meeting.


If you ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the session AND follow through with your plan after the course, you will feel calm confidence and walk out of your next meeting with your dignity in tack.

There is no need to head down that slippery slope being afraid you are going to fall apart.

​Being a nervous wreck keeps you from dealing with tough conversation and losing the credibility and trust of your team, colleagues and clients.

It's time to know you can stay composed in your next tough conversation!


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