Introduction to Webinar

Do you wish you could snap your fingers and regain your sense of emotional and mental balance?

Maybe something happened, or something has been building all day. Either way, you are vibrating, edgy, antsy, stressed or overwhelmed.

  • It could be workplace conflict or drama.
  • It might be the overwhelming load on your plate.

Whatever it is, you feel your confidence, composure and balance slipping away from you.​ That's not a fun feeling!

But instead of calming down, your anxiety and stress keep building! 

You are wound up like a top, and the tension keeps growing.

You know that if you don’t release some of the pressure soon, you’ll blow up or fall apart or both!

Breathe your way to being a calm, composed and in control leader!

There isn't time to de-stress! You've got work to do!

While you know a wee bit of self-care could make an incredible difference in your overall stress level, but you don’t have time to take a break, go for a walk or even grab a quiet coffee.

​What’s more, your inner voice continues to natter that you can't stop! There is work to be done, people expecting you and you need to press on! 

Ugh, I totally get it!

I still remember sitting at a staff meeting staring down an employee who’d just pushed my buttons for the 5th time in less than an hour. The tension between us had been building for weeks as she continually challenged my authority. At that moment, I was afraid of losing control of my emotions and my team. But I couldn't step out of the meeting to compose myself, and despite wishing I could find the emotional stability I was looking for, it just wasn't there.

Fighting back the tears, I used sarcasm to shut her down and abruptly ended the meeting. It wasn’t pretty. 

A new way!

Fast forward to another meeting more recently where I was put on the spot in front of everyone. Once again my authority was being challenged, and my anxiety began to rise. Instead of cutting the meeting short this time, I stayed, both engaged in the meeting and remained in emotional control.

It was the magic of my breath that helped me to stay calm, composed and confident. Despite standing at the front of the room, all eyes on me, I doubt anyone in the room knew what I was doing. However, the breathing that I was doing, almost magically transformed me and I was able to stay composed. 

I have a new way. When I sense the pressure building, feel the emotions bubbling, and I am aware that I am getting more and more uptight. I know it is my breath that will bring me down. Learning and practicing breathing strategies have given me new techniques for emotional balance, self-care and confidence.

Yet it still felt scary to practice them when others were around and to find the time to fit them in. 

What I realized as I persisted in trying to figure it out, was that

  • It doesn't take an incredible amount of time, in fact often less than a minute to use the magic of your breath to stay composed.
  • What’s more, you can do these techniques when you are in a conversation or meeting, and no one will know what you are doing.

It takes less than a minute to get back in control!

Are you ready to learn how to breathe your way to being a calm, composed and in control leader?

Of course, you are! 🤗​

In this training session you will:

     Learn what breathing does to your body and why it’s critical for emotional and mental stability.​

  √   Learn how to breathe properly (most of us do it wrong)

  √   Practice using the magic of breath to stay composed


If you ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the session AND follow through with practicing these breath strategies, you will be able to quickly regain your sense of emotional and mental balance whenever you get knocked off kilter!

Stop worrying you are going to become unravelled!

Learn the magic of your breath and let it help you become a calm, composed and in control leader


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