Introduction to the session


Do you want to be happier, healthier and further ahead a.k.a. more productive?

I bet if you are a woman leader, you are looking for:

  • Increased productivity.
  • More energy
  • A boost to your immune system.
  • Emotional stability?

Instead, do you find you are stuck in survival mode?

Do you find yourself in survival mode!

  • Feeling overwhelmed and behind
  • Always run down and sick,
  • Constantly tired and exhausted
  • Endlessly frazzled and grumpy

Survival mode has become a cycle you can’t seem to get out of and don’t see any change in sight!

​You are just praying you can hold it together just until that meeting is over, the proposal is completed, or the program opens up...then you’ll take a break.

It's time to put yourself first SO THAT you can give of yourself!

Do you pray for just 5-minutes to breathe and pull yourself together?

​You know if you could just put your feet up for a minute and catch your breath that you’d feel better, but let's be honest, you certainly don’t want anyone to catch you doing that.

Self-care is a privilege...not a right...At least that’s what society and our sector seem to say.

Even though self-care is the buzzword of the times, practicing putting self-care into practice is still seen as a luxury.

In truth, even if it was truly ok to take a break, YOU don’t believe you have time to fit in self-care. 

Worse, you don’t believe you are worthy of self-care.

I was like that too!

Before I learned this 5-minute self-care strategy, I was always falling apart physically, emotionally and mentally!

  • My back would give out regularly and I'd be hobbling around the office.​
  • I constantly caught the latest colds or flu.
  • ​I struggled with ongoing digestive issues.
  • During particularly stressful times, my mouth would fill with canker sores.
  • I lost my mojo, my spirit and would spiral into a depression
  • Or, I was just plain old grumpy, for days at a time!

I've got a new way I want to teach you!

I’ve learned now to be adamant about self-care BECAUSE it allows me to:

  • Perform at a higher level.
  • Achieve more because I am sharper and able to focus
  • Have increased energy, stamina and good feelings!

You can do this!!!

This strategy is doable, honest! In a short time too!

Yes, sometimes (probably way more often than you do) we need to take a day off, or a 3 week holiday. But that is only part of the self-care solution.

You also need ongoing smaller breaks. 

It is the only way to make self-care have a dramatic impact to keep you

  • balanced and energized.
  • focused and stable.

You will learn how to do this, in 5 minutes a day!

Increase your productivity and emotional balance in 5-minutes a day!

Are you read to learn a strategy to add 5 minutes of self-care into your day that will have a huge impact on your productivity, health and sanity!

It's time to make self-care your productivity and happiness habit.

Are you ready to learn a strategy to add 5 minutes of self-care into your day that will have a huge impact on your productivity, health and sanity!

I knew you'd say yes!!

In this 90-minute training session you will:

  • Learn what area of self-care you need to focus on
  • Discover what you need to do to add it in, in only 5 minutes a day.
  • ​Understand why this 5-minute shift, will dramatically improve your leadership


If you ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the session AND follow through with your 5-minute plan after the course, you will find you are happier, healthier and further ahead!

There is no need to stay behind, keep falling apart and brush it off as flu season, busy time.

Please don't stay stuck in survival mode any longer!

It's time to add 5 minutes of self-care into your day and find more productivity, health and sanity!

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