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WEBINAR: Seeing Other Perspectives

Leaders must now, more than ever, be open to:

➣ New ideas

➣ New ways of operating

➣ New ways of interacting with others

And that's not always easy!

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WEBINAR: July 23rd, 2020 12:00 - 1:00 MDT

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Your perspectives shape how we act or react in situations

👉 Your perspective is your view of the world.

It's neither right nor wrong.

It's simply your view.

Your perspective is based on your life, your experiences and your values. Your perspective shapes how you respond to situations, problems, and other people.


🔺Your perspective is not reality.

🔺Your perspective is not the only viewpoint.

🔺It may not even be the best viewpoint.

When faced with the complexity and ambiguity of leadership,

it's best to have multiple perspectives and to evaluate all of them.

Seeking other perspectives

✔️gives you options

✔️helps you to see things you may have missed

✔️create camaraderie in teams

It helps you and your organization succeed because the more views you have, the more information you have.

The more information and the more buy-in you have because your team was able to contribute, means, the more effective you can be.

Learn how to be more open to other perspectives and have a more significant impact with your work.


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