Ongoing training to grow women leaders in Canada's Nonprofit Organizations.

Because it's time for you to take your personal and professional development into your own hands!

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  • Fresh, relevant, and new content every month to keep you engaged, excited and expanding your leadership capacity.
  • 60-minutes of training each month. This may be a webinar, an interview I do with an expert or some other creative ways I decide to give you the knowledge, skills and mindsets you need to lead with confidence.
    • These sessions will be recorded and will be available to you whenever you need them.
  • Access to a library of courses.
    • Each course is designed to give you a bite-sized piece of training that helps you develop yourself and your leadership. They will be concise and relatively short. I expect each segment to take you 2 - 5 hours, depending on your learning style.
    • More courses will continue to be added as I build them! I'll ask you what you want and give you the training you need.
  • Contact with other women leading in Canada's Non-profits so together we can build a web of support and a movement of confident women leaders.
  • Discounted rates on 1-1 coaching - Ask me for details
  • Extra stuff like pop up book clubs, student interviews and more!

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Courses Included with Purchase

Monthly Webinars
Bite-sized training
Kathy Archer
Mastering Confidence: Discover your leadership potential by awakening your inner guidance system
Kathy Archer
Staff Supervision
Kathy Archer
Wellness AT Work
You need energy & stamina to lead effectively!
Kathy Archer
Values Verification
Identifying how you live and lead with your core values
Kathy Archer
Helping women leaders get done what matters most
Kathy Archer
Emotional Control
by increasing your emotional vocabulary
Kathy Archer
Annual Analysis
Complete your leadership training and growth annual analysis now!
Kathy Archer
Leadership Tools
Quick tools to help you be your best!
Kathy Archer
Understanding Your VIA Signature Strengths
Thriving in Leadership
Kathy Archer
Shaking The Leadership Blues
Boost Your Courage & Confidence
Kathy Archer
Blueprint for Change
Strategically change the direction of your life!
Kathy Archer
Leadership Competencies for Leadership Development
Nonprofit Leadership Professional Development Competencies
Kathy Archer
Bouncing Back from Leadership Adversities
Kathy Archer

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